The University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law renews its collaboration with Spoleto.

Third time in the Festival city for the American guests who took part in a series of training events at the Court.

The group of lawyers, judges and professors enrolled in the continuing education program of the Faculty of Law of the University of Missouri – Kansas City, coordinated by Dr. Daniel Mc Carroll has renewed its love for the town of Spoleto.

The previous editions of 2017 and 2019 had in fact already awarded the city of the Two World Festival as a protagonist of a full immersion training for the American professionals.

The Spoleto event is part of a broader training program organized by the University of Missouri which includes many European cities and in particular Rome.

In the rich agenda of November 14th, in collaboration with the President of the Bar Association Pietro Morichelli, several meetings took place. First a meeting with the President of the Court Silvio Magrini Alunno, and with a welcome speech in English held by Dr. Michela Petrini for the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Then the group of professionals was given the opportunity to witness a criminal trial live, with the speech by Judges Dr. Luca Cercola and Dr. Maria Silvia Festa. During the hearing, also conducted by the Judge Dr. Paola Giammarioli and the Public Prosecutor Dr. Federica Filippi, the participants could actively take part in a debate.

A civil law seminar, also in English, held by Judge Dr. Federico Falfar followed.


All interventions were received with attention and lively enthusiasm,  demonstrating deep interest in understanding the functioning of Italian law, and comparing it with American law.

Also the theater director and professor of restorative justice, Porzia Addabbo, whose panel upon restorative justice brought an insight on how arts can contribute to the justice process. 

The group also met with Dr. Alessandro Tana, Deputy Public Prosecutor.

At the end of all panels the Councilor of the Municipality of Spoleto, prof. Luigina Renzi brought the greetings of the City to the Court, paying homage to the participants with the volumes  of the Lombard Duchy, and recalling the importance of the historical link of Spoleto to the United States thanks to the work started by Maestro Gian Carlo Menotti.

This collaboration was born with the same spirit of closeness and collaboration between the two countries, and once again confirms the potential of the city of Spoleto.

Besides all this, an Italian language and culture workshop dedicated to the beauties of Spoleto and the Umbria region was conducted by Dr. Elisa Bassetti, expert in Italian studies and owner of the Artelingua Language Courses Language School,, at the Hotel Charleston.

The lawyer Carmelo Parente and the chancellors Vittorio Montesi (of the Court) and Roberta Gori (of the Public Prosecutor’s Office).collaborated on the initiative.