Many Italian entrepreneurs are looking to create or expand their business into the U.S. market.

Green Hills of Umbria, in collaboration with its U.S. partners, has the skills and experience in helping those entrepreneurs.

We can provide in-depth assistance to start doing business in USA.

A foreign company entering the US must decide on the form of business entity it will use to conduct its US operations.

One of the most common types of business entities is the Limited Liability Company (LLC).

An LLC offers limited liability protection to its members, flexibility in terms of tax treatment, and simplicity in formation and operation.

Neither US citizenship nor residency are requirements for forming an LLC. You can start a business in USA from anywhere in the world.

We can provide full assistance to create your company:

  • LLC operating agreement
  • State filing and processing
  • Banking arrangement
  • EIN / ITIN numbers (tax identification numbers) for non-US persons or companies
  • Registered agent

Then we can help to maintain a US LLC in good standing (annual report / tax return).

We can also help to establish an office or a virtual office/address, and to provide storage facilities/warehouse.