The Italian Government signed the Pact for Export, a strategy for relaunching “Brand Italy” exports, by strengthening the business internationalization tools and through far-reaching promotional actions, with the following six strategic guidelines:

  1. Communication: to relaunch Italy’s image abroad and support economic sectors, with a special focus on tourism.
  2. Integrated Promotion: dedicated promotional campaigns for spreading knowledge of Brand Italy among and engaging international audiences and viewers.
  3. Training/Information to export and internationalization
  4. Trade Fairs: modernization of the trade fair system;
  5. E-commerce: expansion of the agreements with e-commerce platforms
  6. Subsidized Finance: financial tools have a key role to play in the growth and internationalization strategies of SMEs and start-ups.

Green Hills of Umbria, based in Italy, and Klipsch Marketing & Advisors, based in USA, have started a partnership aimed at working towards internationalization of the Brand Italy within the aforementioned guidelines.

Klipsch Marketing & Advisors (KM&A) is a motley crew of personalities with uniquely honed specialties and skill sets, that share a cohesive vision: Make their clients kick-ass and grow their bottom line.

From strategy to final execution, KM&A team’s universal approach to marketing ensures that each client has the opportunity to exceed expectations. KM&A combined experience in, brand and marketing strategy, design and development, event services, public relations, advertising, digital marketing and good, old-fashioned business acumen are the building blocks upon which they stand.

From our partner website: “We listen. We ask questions. We challenge. We collaborate. We execute. We move business forward…We cuss a little too. WE ARE KM&A”.